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      What are the operating steps of the hook type shot blasting machine?


         In the operation of the hook type shot blasting machine, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to, and the requirements for skills will be higher. The higher the skill, the better the efficiency at the time of operation. As far as the operator is concerned, he has to master a lot of technical problems, and the more demand is to pay attention to the pace of operation, and it is better to follow the pace to manipulate the effect, then how to adjust the hook type shot blasting machine What about manipulation?


       Operate in accordance with the pace; there are manipulation steps on the footnote book of the hook type shot blasting machine.It is usually necessary to place the shot blast indoors to adjust the normal operation. These steps have some possible footnotes in the footnote book.In order to allow the hook type shot blasting machine to operate better, it is necessary to precisely manipulate the steps.


      Fill up with fuel; it must be filled with fuel before operating the hook-type shot blasting machine.This is very important, and it is also a condition to ensure that the hook-type shot blasting machine can be better operated. Fuel is one of the necessary raw materials for the equipment. First, the equipment without fuel is useless. In order to allow the equipment to operate normally, it must be filled with fuel.Filling with fuel before use can also effectively increase the work efficiency of the equipment, and it will also have a great effect on production efficiency. Big rise.Q3720吊鉤式拋丸機.jpg

      The status of the inspection equipment before the operation; when carrying out the operation of the hook type shot blasting machine, we must also pay attention to the inspection process before the operation.Each equipment must be inspected before the operation, which is also for better operation. At the same time, it is also to ensure the safety and efficiency of the equipment, so if you want to ensure better operation of the hook type shot blasting machine, you must pay attention to the above content.雙吊鉤拋丸機.jpg

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