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      Where can I sell shot blasting machines in Qingdao?

      Where can I sell shot blasting machines in Qingdao? --- Qingdao Xinhua Shengtai Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao Jiaonan. It is a shot blasting machine manufacturer integrating scientific research and development, production, sales and technical services. The company adopts advanced management mode, has a high-quality staff team, several professional senior engineers, has a good scientific research foundation, experimental conditions and production base.


      The company's main products are general-purpose shot blasting machines: hook shot blasting machine, crawler shot blasting machine, through shot blasting machine, catenary shot blasting machine, rotary table shot blasting machine, wire shot blasting machine, road shot blasting machine Machine, steel pipe inner and outer wall shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine accessories, shot blasting machine maintenance, etc. All product design adopts CAD computer-aided design, which provides excellent cost-effective products for casting, metallurgy, automobile, shipbuilding, construction, mining machinery and engineering machinery, etc., and can design and manufacture various non-standard special casting machinery according to user needs. Design-manufacture-debugging-training-service as a turnkey project.  

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