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      Hook type shot blasting

      • Q378 hook type shot blasting machine
      Q378 hook type shot blasting machine

      Q378 hook type shot blasting machine


      Product introduction:

      Q378 hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for small, medium and large size workpieces. The electric guide rail has an automatic driving mechanical mechanism, and the load can be up to 10,000kg. The electric guide rail can be pre-programmed with a separate drive unit for the drive roller. Loading and unloading stations can be flexibly adapted to site conditions. The entire suspension rail system is equipped with a safety switch, overload protection and lifting structure to realize the control of the spreader transport direction. The weight of the crane with lifting gear is almost unlimited. The use of clean pellets to clean castings has high efficiency. If the pellets contain molding sand, core sand or rust, the cleaning ability of the shot blasting machine will be greatly reduced, and even the wear of the workpiece will increase. Combination) can reliably and effectively solve the problem of purification of pellets.

      Scope of application:

        1. The hook-type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning various types of gears and crankshafts, including hooks, heavy trucks, light trucks, buses, various car parts, etc. This model is widely used in construction machinery, foundry and automobile manufacturing plants.

        2. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, good sealing effect, compact structure, convenient loading and unloading, and high automation.

      Product advantages:

        1. The body of the hook-type shot blasting machine is a phase body structure welded by section steel and steel plate. 2-4 sets of shot blasting devices are arranged on the side of the room body. And the installation angle and position of all throwing heads.

        2. Each shot blaster is installed with a certain angle to the movement of the workpiece, so as to ensure that all surfaces of the workpiece are cleaned. This maximizes the utilization rate of the projectile, while effectively avoiding the impact on the guard plate in the shot blasting cleaning room. The guard plate inside the chamber is firmly installed.

        3. The impact parts in the hook-type shot blasting machine body adopt high-quality imported Mn12 guard plate, adopt the whole laying laying back welding process, and the service life of the single shift production can be guaranteed for 10 years.

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