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      Crawler shot blasting

      • Q324 crawler type shot blasting machine
      Q324 crawler type shot blasting machine

      Q324 crawler type shot blasting machine

      Product introduction:

          Q324 crawler type shot blasting machine is a small shot blasting machine, suitable for derusting and strengthening the surface of small batch casting and forging. This model occupies a small area and has high cleaning efficiency. After the workpiece is placed in the cleaning room, after a few minutes of shot blasting, the rust layer on the surface of the workpiece can be removed to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

      Product information:

                      Parameter Unit Q324

                      Productivity t / h 0.4-0.6

                      Feeding amount kg 100

                      Maximum weight per piece kg 10

                      End disk diameter mm 400

                      Effective volume m3 0.12

                      Shot blasting kg / min 100

                      Dust removal air volume m2 / h 2200

                      Power consumption kw 8

                      Dimensions mm 1300 * 1210 * 3450

                      Total machine kg 2140


      Scope of application:

                  Crawler shot blasting enhanced cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning the surface of various parts.

                  All kinds of metal casting surface sticky sand cleaning, rust removal of ferrous metal parts, blunt stamping surface and burrs, forging and burr heat treatment workpiece surface treatment, spring surface oxide scale removal and surface grain refinement, etc. This is achieved through the shot blasting process of this series of equipment.

                  Its application range is extremely wide, mainly foundries, heat treatment plants, motor plants, machine tool parts factories, bicycle parts factories, power machine factories, auto parts factories, motorcycle parts factories, non-ferrous metal die-casting factories, etc. The workpiece after shot blasting can obtain a good material color, and can also become the previous process of the blackening, bluish, passivation and other processes of the surface of metal parts, and at the same time can provide a good base for electroplating and paint finishing.

                  After the machine is shot blasted, the workpiece can reduce the tensile stress and at the same time refine the surface grains, thereby strengthening the surface of the workpiece and increasing its service life.

          Qingdao Xinhua Shengtai always supplies Q32 series crawler shot blasting machines from year to year, mainly including Q324, Q326, Q3210, Q3220 and so on. Can meet the cleaning needs of different users.

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